3 Ways to Make Money Publishing Newsletters

As social media sites rapidly increasing, beginners and marketers alike are abandoning the idea of publishing a newsletter, thinking that more people are not reading them anymore but instantly delete them once it reach on their email.

Newsletters or ezines are one of the many resources that readers pay for to get the information they need. Creating newsletters that answers to a certain need of a niche market allows a business owner to drive in sales with it. Here’s three ways on how to make money through publishing newsletters.

Yes, subscribers pay to receive the newsletters. But just because you have attracted a potential customer to consider subscription doesn’t mean you can get them to actually pay for it. And so the best way to ensure that click of a button and income is to build credibility among the readers. You have to build a perception that you are an expert of the topic, a guru on some extent. With credibility, you earn people’s trust and respect thus they will be willing to pay just to know what you have to say.

Another way to make money with newsletters is through advertisement of your own product or service. You can either ask subscribers to pay for the newsletters or give it out for free with a related-product on it. You may share the information of how drinking tea can be a natural detoxifier and at the same time, put a logo or a banner of your tea product in the newsletter. The readers wouldn’t only read the content but even consider buying the product.

And lastly, to make money publishing a newsletter is to just focus on the content and recommend products or services that many companies would pay for to get on your recommendation list. Some companies offer to pay for the promotional value of the newsletter or companies can offer a commission for every purchase of their product, that’s if you are credible enough, different companies can offer both. It all boils down on how many subscribers that a newsletter has and how effective is the content in encouraging or enticing the readers to follow your recommendation.

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