Discover a Hot Niche Market at Bookshops

A hot niche market can be found anywhere. Though there are plenty of places where you can find an idea for a niche market, but sometimes, a hot niche market can be found in the least expected places like the bookshops or bookstores.

Bookshops are the places where people buy books, magazines, comics, and other reading materials, whether it is online or an actual physical store. It is also a place where one can discover the hottest subject matter that most people are interested at; Science, Fiction, Self-Help, Religion, Marketing, Funny and all kinds of books — the key is to find out which book they are actually reading.

Of course, fiction is still the celebrated type of book and the reason why many still buys an actual book, rather than an e-book. But more than fiction, self-help, DIY and how-to books are also gaining quite a fan base of book readers. Always observe and be vigilant. Determine which self-help or how-to books are selling like hotcakes; ask the stock boy or a salesperson which of the books are most sought-after. As much as possible, do not ask the owner or the manager of the shop because these people would only try to sell the least selling book of the shop.

Browsing online bookshops can also help a lot in the research process. Determining the bestselling books allows you to get an idea which topics are getting the most attention.

After figuring out which non-fiction (mostly self-help, DIY and how-to) books are selling best would allow you to find out which subject matters are getting much interest on. The topic or the point of the book can be your guide in creating a product or a service that can solve any concerns that these readers need the books for. Assess the scope of the subject matter and try to assess its readers because the readers of the bestselling non-fiction books can be the niche market as well. Developing a product based on their interest can go a long way, the good thing about it is that there’s already a need for your product and the niche market is willing to pay for a book, how much more if you give them the actual solution through your product or service.

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